The Sales module can combine retail data marketplaces such as Amazon, Rakuten, Takealot and Walmart alongside your direct-to-consumer websites powered by platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, creating a unique Omnichannel experience that attributes purchases to organic, advertising, promotional and subscription strategies to provide a holistic Brand performance insights.

Key points

Once connected, you can utilise Ignite to quickly:

  • Analyse the performance trends of your channels, markets and platforms with like-for-like metrics.
  • Monitor purchases by Brand, Product Range, Product variation, etc., and measure the influence of Advertising, Promotions and Subscriptions to create momentum.
  • Review purchases and habits of New and Existing customers.
  • Track your TACOS percentage by Brand, Channel, Product Range, Product variation, etc., to monitor the advertising efficiency.
  • Review Amazon Best Seller category rankings by Brands, Product Range and Product variation to track category ownership.
  • Track the geographical reach of your customer base.
  • Quickly spot problems when your Amazon Product Listing isn't selected as the Buy Box's featured offer, hindering channel growth.

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