Sales by Product

Sales by Product

The Sales by Product screen allows the reader to track the like-for-like performance of each Product during the selected period and monitor the impact of advertising, buy box ownership, page views, price and stock on their fortunes. Like other screens with data grids, you can customise the reporting screen to include the desired data points to explore the result in great detail or roll up the performance data to high-level concepts such as Brand, Channel and Product Range.

Attribution of Sales

It takes a great deal of effort to generate sales online, whether that's via a direct-to-consumer website or marketplace. Collaboration by various teams and strategies will build momentum within a channel. These efforts may include advertising, product detail page content, photography, promotional offers, search engine optimisation, subscriptions and videos. Ignite accounts for these investments and tactics by reporting purchases attributed to Ads, Organic, Promotions or Subscriptions to illustrate the work undertaken to spin the flywheel faster.

Best Seller Rankings

Amazon offers category pages to aid shoppers in discovering brands and products that satisfy their needs. Each Product in the Top 200 is listed in descending order to help the shopper understand each item's popularity and help them find the most suitable Product based on the market's combined opinion. This information is precious for brands, providing them with a barometer to measure their relative performance compared to their peers and category leaders. Ignite records these Best Seller Rankings daily, allowing the read to track their standings over time and graphically show how significant changes to their Category Rank cause Sales fluctuations. Most of these movements are attributable to competitor advertising, content optimisation, photography, available stock and promotional events.

Buy Box Score

The Buy Box is an integral part of the Amazon purchase journey, where the Add to Basket and Buy Now buttons are located on each Product Detail page and designed to drive competition between Third Party Sellers. They aim to provide Amazon customers with the best price and shortest delivery time possible. To that end, the Buy Box will rotate between Amazon and each Third Party Seller. Our Buy Box Score tracks the percentage of time your Product Listing won the Buy Box. When the Buy Box Score is less than 100%, it speaks to lost opportunities caused by competitive offers and supply chain challenges. Minimising these factors will increase your Buy Box Score and the chance for incremental performance gains.

Key points
  • There are over 80 unique data points that can be included in the Sales by Product screen using the Customise button to build various reporting formats.
  • Track the like-for-like performance of overall Sales revenue and contribution by each Brand, Product Range, Product, etc.
  • Quantify the contribution and like-for-like revenue performance attributed to Organic, Ads, Promotion and Subscription strategies for each Product.
  • Monitor the high-level effectiveness of your performance marketing and the TACOS (Total Advertising Cost of Sales) percentage for each Brand, Product Range, Product, etc.
  • Ignite keeps track of Best Seller Rankings and allows you to measure your Brand awareness and popularity within the category.
  • Observe the impact of low Buy Box ownership on your Sales momentum using our Buy Box Score and graph overlay.
  • Quantify the impact of price changes on your Sales revenue.
  • Graph changes to Sales revenue caused by variations in Product Detail Page Views.
  • Lastly, track your profitability on Amazon Vendor Central with Shipped Units, Shipped Sales, Shipped COGS and Net PPM. Additionally, you have the like-for-like percentage difference for Net PPM to monitor whether it's changing period over period.