We've designed our Ads module for Brands operating across an omnichannel e-commerce landscape of marketplaces and direct-to-consumer websites. Our platform aids shared understanding by consolidating data from multiple AdTech platforms to visualise your paid media, search and social investments to highlight how these support different points of the marketing funnel. Once combined, it's possible to ascertain the cause and effect of retail performance changes and answer more in-depth questions concerning consumer acquisition and retention questions no matter the channel.

Ignite by Acorn-i supports the following advertising technologies: Amazon Attribution, Amazon DSP, Amazon Sponsored Brands, Amazon Sponsored Display, Amazon Sponsored Products, Facebook Ads, Google Ads and TikTok Ads.

Key points

Once connected, you can utilise Ignite to perform these tasks:

  • Monitor media investments across various AdTech platforms, which provide access to Display, Search, Social and Video inventory.
  • Create Amazon Ads campaigns using Robert, our AI-powered robot that builds low-cost strategies with abundant targeting.
  • Add Goals to your Campaigns to measure performance and have Robert auto-optimise each strategy.