We've designed the Overview report of the Ads module to give a concise appraisal of your Brand's paid media investments for display, search and social advertisements.

The cards help you monitor the aggregate performance of your campaigns. For example, the Impressions data point helps you monitor reach, Clicks to track interactions, Ad Spend for high-level budget pacing, Ad Sales to monitor ad attributed purchases, and ROAS to gauge effectiveness. By default, you'll see a month-over-month comparison. Update the Analyse by controls in the header of the Ads module to track performance over comparable periods.

The graph illustrates the changes in behaviours of your advertising over time. When there are substantial peaks, it highlights spikes of investments to drive results or increased competition buying events like Prime Day. In addition, the graph shows your Ad Spend split by the various types of advertising employed in the media plan to highlight the investments be AdTech and Ad Format. Lastly, the ROAS line in dark blue highlights the combined performance of the advertising.

The goal of this report, and the others that form the Ads reporting suite, is to describe your Brand's media investments to highlight the successes and challenges of reaching the desired audience.


Filtering the results on the Overview screen is extremely easy. Start by clicking on the orange Filters button above the table to open a modal window. Next, you can refine the view by modifying Advertising Type, Portfolio, Campaign and Vendor Subtype controls.


Spreadsheets are an inevitable part of any modern organisation. But they create uncertainty as the typical solution to version control is to modify the file name. As a result, you're probably frequently left wondering, am I looking at the latest version? Ignite by Acorn-i helps you avoid exchanging spreadsheets as attachments with the Share buttons on each screen. Instead, click the Share button to create a magic hyperlink to reopen Ignite with the same settings. Now copy and paste this link into an email or chat window to exchange the information with someone who has access to Ignite. It's that simple.