All Campaigns Report

All Campaigns Report

The initial view in the Ads module provides a concise overview of your advertising investments, whether these are Amazon-only or across your omnichannel strategy. By default, the All Campaigns Report show you this information broken down by the Channels and Advertising Type to demonstrate the performance of your high-level advertising strategies. A key advantage of our advertising reporting suite is the simple consolidation of data across no fewer than eight types of advertising to see your total investments across popular Display, Search and Social formats.


After observing these high-level trends, you can customise this initial view and deep-drive into specific reporting formats to monitor performance trends for all or selected Portfolios, Campaigns or Placements using our filtering options. Do this by clicking on the Customised button to reveal a wide selection of data points. In addition, you can assess performance using common success measurements such as ACOS, CCR, CPA, CPC, CPM, CTR and ROAS.

Deep-Dive Reports

Ignite by Acorn-i include a range of AdTech-specific deep-dive reports that allow you to go beyond macro concepts. These additional deep-dive reports support your Ad Group, Creative, Category, Keyword and Product Targeting analysis. You can access these reports by clicking on the plus button to open additional reporting tabs that meet your needs.