Columns in the Sales by Customer Type report

Columns in the Sales by Customer Type report

Below you'll find definitions for all columns available via the Customise button the on Sales by Customer Type report. Click the Customise button to add and remove data points to answer your questions.


The Channel name is Vendor Name, and Country Code combined. This column highlights the e-commerce or Advertising channel's name and country or union.

Customer Type

The Customer Type column highlights the number of new or existing customers. It's also possible to report Anonymous customers when Amazon shoppers have exercised their right to hide personal data ...continue reading


The name of the Brand or Merchant configured in Ignite by Acorn-i.


The Subscriber segment highlights whether the customer has recently purchased via a subscription like Subscribe and Save.


When included, the Date column shows the date when the Order took place in the e-commerce channel.

Buyer Rate

The percentage of existing customers who repurchased during this date period.


The Number of Buyers calculation will return the unique number of customers who placed orders during the selected date range. A Buyer is a Customer who placed an order during a chosen time frame.continue reading


The Orders for the selected date range.


The retail price paid by shoppers for the selected date range.