Consumer Analytics


Our Consumer Analytics module provides customers with either Premium or Enterprise license the means to analyse shopper behaviours via a unique view for tracking New-to-Brand acquisition and Existing Customer retention. This additional lens builds upon the information in the Sales module and reveals Recency, Frequency, and Monetary Value measurements for customer segment and their Lifetime Value.

For additional advanced reporting, Ignite users can custom segment generated from their Product Taxonomy screen to measure their Customer Lifetime Value by Brand, Product Range, Action, Size, Packaging and Type to investigate the factors responsible for driving customer acquisition.

Key points

Once connected, you can utilise Ignite to quickly:

  • Monitor the acquisition of New-to-Brand Customers and the retention of Existing Customers.
  • Track the Buyer Rate, which highlights the percentage of Existing Customers actively buying during a specific timeframe.
  • The Customer Lifetime Value report supports your RFM analysis to review the lifetime sales, average purchase recency, frequency and monetary value of customers by behaviour segments and more.

To learn more, please check out the following Guides, FAQs and Definitions lists.