It's no secret running effective advertising campaigns is hard work, requiring you to review historical data in-depth to make the appropriate targeting adjustments to meet a desired performance goal. To solve this problem, we've designed and built a proprietary AI product for optimising PPC Advertising Campaigns. We affectionally named our AI, Robert.

Robert can work tirelessly across multiple brands, product ranges, and geographies to dramatically increase performance at a scale impossible for humans to make the same hyper adjustments to bidding and targeting. These adjustments are all made to drive performance towards a desired goal entered into the Ads Console by a Campaign Manager. Once submitted, Robert will optimise those campaigns daily and periodically launch new targeting criteria that will be curated based on delivery and changes to the competitive landspace.

Key points

Once activated, you can utilise the Ads Console and Robert to save precious time and quickly:

  • Create new Amazon Sponsored Product Campaigns using targeting generated by Robert from relevant Product Detail Pages and Search Terms.
  • Opt-in to Robert automatically optimising your Amazon Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products campaigns to unlock performance improvements.

To learn more, please check out the following Guides, FAQs and Definitions lists.