We’ve designed the Overview screen of the Products as a scorecard to highlight problems and emerging issues as opportunities for improvement to drive more predictable results once resolved. In addition, the whole screen is clickable, allowing you to drill through and reveal the underlying information on the Inventory screen. Whilst many of the data points are Amazon-centric, it highlights the inherent complexities of the retail channel. However, the Products module is fully omnichannel and capable of highlighting lines that have gone out of stock and forecasting the days of remaining stock for Shopify, WooCommerce and Amazon.


Problems, coloured pink, include products currently out of stock and listing with low traffic or poor conversion rates. For example, adjust your operation process for replenishing lines to reduce the likelihood of going out of stock. At the same time, careful review and adjustment of content and imagery will prove the traffic and conversation rates of Amazon Product Detail Pages.


Issues, coloured orange, highlight competitive offers and stock management concerns that limit successes or are likely to become problems if ignored. As a marketplace, Amazon allows multiple sellers to sell the same ASIN. Ignite monitors the active offers for each ASIN to highlight where multiple offers exist as aggressive pricing may impact your Buy Box Score. The stock management concerns cover lines close to going out of stock, unsellable stock requiring disposal, shipments that Amazon couldn’t successfully check into their warehouse and excess inventory that isn’t turning over fast enough. The Age of FBA Inventory measurements will help you see how long specific amounts of stock have sat unsold in an Amazon warehouse.