Search Term Detail Page

Search Term Detail Page

Our Popular Search Leaderboard is an excellent tool to discover Search Terms that fit a Brand, Category or Product that interests you. What you may wish to do next is investigate how a Search Term performed over time. We can open a Detail Page by clicking on a particular row in the leaderboard.

Popularity Rankings

To explore interest over time, we have a graph that charts the Search Term's weekly rank over the past 12 months. At a glance, this will point out whether the Search Term is susceptible to event-based or seasonal variations, for example, "mothers day" or "paddling pools". While you may find other Search Terms remain broadly consistent all year, for example, "kettle" or "protein powder". When interpreting the data, you should carefully note the Y-Axis to observe how far the term has moved up or down the ranking. The curve will shift upwards when shoppers use the Search Term more frequently.

Search Terms Timeline

The Search Terms Timeline is below the chart and where we can find information about the Product Listings that were most interesting and purchased by Amazon Shoppers. We've arranged the data in reverse chronological order, so the further you scroll down, the older the information. Each week you'll find the three most popular Product Listings. It's also popular to inspect the Click Share and Conversion Share.

Click Share

The Click Share percentage reports how often a click-through occurred to this Product Detail Page for this Search Term.

Conversion Share

The Conversion Share percentage reports how often an Amazon Shopper purchased the Product after using this Search Term.

This information is an excellent source of popular Product Listings to extend the ASINs used by your Product Targeting campaigns. Click the download button to export the ASINs and Product names as a CSV file.

On the right of the screen, we find the Related Search Terms similar to the one we're analysing. Click on one of these options will reload the screen, letting you inspect how it has performed. Again, this information is a valuable source of new Keywords to enhance your Keyword Targeting campaigns. Click the download button to export the Top-25 Related Search Terms as a CSV file.