Create bespoke Sales reporting with your Brand's taxonomy

The Sales module has received a notable update extending our comprehensive array of omnichannel data points. From today it's now possible to review your retail results by custom data points that describe your products by Product Range, Product Action, Product Packaging, Product Size and Product Type.

Once entered into Ignite by Barcode, SKU or ASIN, you can use these new Product Taxonomy data points in the Orders and Sales by Product reports. To include them in your analysis, click the Customise button and add them to your selected columns. In addition, if you want to drill deep, you can filter all screens in the Sales module by Product Range and Product Type.

By adding unique information pertinent to your Brand, it's possible to analyse your performance data in new and exciting ways to review successes and misses for each product range across several channels, markets and languages without the time-consuming headache of manipulating exported data in spreadsheets.

Lastly, this additional information will help you correlate how changes to the marketing budgets impact the acquisition and retention of New to Brand and Existing customers by Product Range etc.