Brand new Sales Overview with TACOS

The Sales module just received a significant update, gaining a fresh new look designed to accelerate your workflow as you monitor your Brand's like-for-like Organic, Advertising, Promotional and Subscription Sales performance and your ongoing TACOS percentage.

Brand new Sales Overview with TACOS

Below are the highlights we're ecstatic to share:

  • We've revamped the Sales Overview to include new KPI cards that quickly highlight the life-for-like performance of Organic, Advertising, Promotion and Subscription strategies.
  • We've added the Sales by Attribution chart to display your sales revenue versus TACOS, replacing and improving upon the five mini charts.
  • There is a new Customer mode on the Sales by Attribution, Sales by Channel, Sales by Day or Week and Sales by Day graphs to show your revenue split by New and Existing Customers by day or week.
  • Lastly, we've enhanced the Sales by Product chart, allowing you to graph your TACOS percentage on the secondary Y-Axis by Brand, Channel or Product.

The importance of TACOS

Total Cost of Advertising, or simply TACOS, is a crucial key performance indicator to monitor as it highlights the size of your Amazon advertising spend relative to the total sales revenue from a specific marketplace. To minimise the repetitive task of calculating your TACOS percentage, we've revamped the Sales Overview of Ignite to show you this essential information and the factors causing it to grow or fall over the selected date range.

Where your TACOS percentage is flat or falling, your Organic, Promotion or Subscription Sales have been increasing, diluting your Ad Spend. Similarly, when your TACOS percentage is growing, your Ad Spend would've risen sharply, and your additional investment has yet to realise improved Advertising, Organic, Promotion or Subscription attributed sales. As a result, you'll likely erode your business' Channel profitability if it continues unabated.